We Empower Impact Profitably

We invest in entrepreneurs who invest in humanity.

Backed by the entrepreneurial Carlos Martinez Family Office, Clement Capital Partners LP is a Dallas-based fund with far-reaching connections and experience in the entrepreneurial ecosystem

We believe innovative entrepreneurial ventures that strive to better people’s lives through technology, film, and media offer the most attractive investment opportunities to deliver market-beating returns and positive social impact.

We are Passionate about Social Impact where Passion & Profit come Together

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Our Pillars
  • Not only do we aim to invest, but also seek to develop an ecosystem of diverse founders, investors and companies


  • We strive to provide the most value-add per invested dollar by leveraging our various backgrounds and network and even assisting select start-ups in the day-to-day


  • We believe good investments are often simple solutions to difficult problems

Our Values
  • People, Planet, & Profit aren’t mutually exclusive


  • Your Vision Falls to the Level of Your Processes


  • Iterate, Validate, & Improve


  • Data Drives Decisions

Investment Criteria
  • Product stage: early development with a working prototype, or go-to-market


  • Company stage: pre-seed, seed, and Series A


  • Led by passionate, like-minded entrepreneurs with CEO capabilities and a core team already in place


  • Driven by our shared desire to better people’s lives profitably


  • Start-Up Focus
    • Disruptive Technology
    • Environment
    • Film/Media

Our Mission

Our mission is based on a simple but profound belief: Returns + Impact can go hand in hand.

We firmly believe is it possible to do well by doing good—that companies can profit while also caring for people and the planet.

To this end, we invest in and support early-stage impact entrepreneurs who profitably improve people’s lives through innovative technology and film/media.