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The NB Group: Aligning Purpose & Profit

The NB Group, a family owned firm, operates mission-driven companies leveraging existing resources in innovative ways for emergent benefits. We believe in creating and investing in companies that align purpose and profit and deliver value to consumers through lovable brands. This mission-driven innovation powers our firm and all its companies. 


We are disrupting industries with our innovative products, mission-aligned purposes, and expert teams positioned to drive change and profit

Food & Beverage

We’re innovating in one of the largest categories in Tea along with the burgeoning categories of Sweeteners and Seasonings

Educational Software

With the price of college increasing, we’re helping universities supercharge their student experience and increase rention


Utilizing UVC technology and Harmonic Damping, we’re driving growth in high-demand areas such as Medical Devices

IoT Technology

With AI-powered technologies, we are leveraging IoT to improve customer experiences and unlock critical data for businesses


We create and invest in companies that align purpose and profit to deliver exceptional value with loyalty-building brands that give back


NB By the Numbers

We’re dedicated to making a difference in local communities across the world with companies that align purpose and profit with innovative solutions and lovable brands


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